The Third Quarter 2007 LOCKED AND LOADED …


Words From RSA President Rich Shepler

To All RSA Members,

The 2007 RSA Seminar is shaping up to be a great event.
Many members have already indicated they will attend
and a number will be accompanied by spouses and
guests. Don’t miss out on one of RSA’s best activities and
the chance to mix with and share
information with fellow

4. Give buyers your undivided attention. Nothing turns a
buyer off more quickly than a dealer who sits behind the
table chatting idly with a friend and ignores potential

5. Treat all potential buyers with respect. Be friendly. New
collectors are often intimidated by the volume of material
and activity at gun shows.
Being open

afficionados of
“things Remington.” See details on
pages 34-35 in this Journal. Call me or
write me a note to let me know you are
coming so that we know how many folks
to plan for. (Find my contact information
at the front of this Journal.)

with them just may get you a customer.

6. When a show attendee has a piece
for sale, it is OK to ask them to name
their price and dicker from there. If
someone says they really don’t know a
piece’s value and you know they are not
knowledgeable, make a

My last column generated the
question, “Yes, but what can the new
collector expect from dealers at a gun
show?” What follows are my personal
opinions regarding how sellers and
dealers should conduct themselves.

1. Make certain all firearms are unloaded.
Do not ever allow anyone to
insert a cartridge or shell into a firearm. When possible,
open the action and confirm it is not loaded before
handing a piece to a prospective customer.

2. Know your material. All items should be correctly
labeled and identified. Know how to do appropriate
disassembly of your items if asked.

3. Answer questions honestly. If asked whether a
piece is reblued, repaired, etc. and you know, be forthcoming
and do not say “I don’t know.” If you honestly
do not know the answer to a question, admit it though
and do not make up a story which sounds good. Sellers
are not required to volunteer information if not asked.
But if you know you are dealing with a novice who does
not know what to ask, you will do yourself proud and
the hobby a favor if you help them out.

fair offer or
politely turn the opportunity down.
Don’t try to take advantage of an
uninformed person.

7. Be willing to take the time to help
educate novices (we were all beginners
once), especially younger folks. Our
hobby needs new young blood.

8. Display your material so that it is
easily viewed.

9. If someone is actively examining an item considering a
purchase, do not sell it out from under them, even if the
other buyer is a friend or gun celebrity.

10. Provide itemized receipts if asked and make them clear
regarding what the item is, and include any warrantees
your sales pitch offered.

11. When walking the floor, do not interrupt when another
seller is negotiating a deal with a buyer.

12. Do not close your table or leave the show inordinately

I hope to see you in Ogden in September. It will be a great
time and I know you will be glade you came.

Best regards,

Rich Shepler

RSA President

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