The Third Quarter 1999 RSA Journal

Photo of the Third Quarter 1999 Issue of the RSA Journal
   Third Quarter 1999
     RSA Journal

In This Issue …

  • RemShots

    • Sometimes Ilion Ain’t Spelled Ilion!
    • An Unknown Vest Pocket Pistol
    • Remington Rolling Block Shotguns
    • Ward’s WesternField Shotguns

  • A Detailed Study of Remington
    Large Bore Coversion Revolvers

    by Roger Phillips

    • Collecting Remington Conversions
    • Remington Coversions – A Brief History
    • Remington Capping Plate Revolvers
    • More Remington Capping Plate
    •      By R. Bruce McDowell

    • A Most Unusual Remington New Model
    • Army Conversion

  • The Remington Bookshelf
    Remington Rolling Block Pistols

    by Jerry Landskron, 1981