The Second Quarter 2015 RSA Journal

Second Quarter 2015
RSA Journal
From The Editor, Roy Marcot
In This Issue…

    • RemShots by Mike Strietbeck
    • Remington Model 10 Shotguns
    • Remington “Ring-Trigger” Pistols
    • Remington Model 700BDL in 7mm-06
    • Remington Model 725 “Kodiak” Rifles
    • Remington – Winchester Connection
    • The ERS Canal Barge
    • L.L. Merry’s Store – Ilion, New York
    • Past History From Art Wheaton
    • Remington Model 8s and 81s
      Go Deer and Coyote Hunting by Major Bodicker
    • Remington Collection Paintings Come To The NRA Museum
    • The RSA at the NRA Annual Meeting
  • The Remington Bookshelf
    by Ed Hull
  • Remington “Knives That Bite”
    by Rich Shepler
  • Promotional and Bulk Packaged Remington .22 Cartridges
    by Richard Rains

Rem-Thoughts… RSA President Roy Marcot