The Fourth Quarter From The Editor, Roy Marcot

Dear RSA Members,

Did you notice how haggard I am looking in my recent photograph. Anybody out there want a job? The pay isnt much to sneeze at… in fact, I havent seen a paycheck in nearly fifteen years. But the fringe benefits cant be beat. This past year Ive met with some mighty fine RSAers, not the least of which were Jim Ciolli, Major Boddicker, Kenny Waite, Dick Baldwin, Jane Spellman, Lisa Kemp, Sue Perkins, Mark Eddy, and too many more to begin counting. You are the guys (yes Sue, Jane, Erma, Lisa, Jann… you too)… that make all of this work worthwhile.

Our club made a big push to be a visible presence at major gun shows this year, and we did a damn fine job. Thank you, Bob Pryor, for making this possible… and thank you Jim, Major, Gene and James for putting yourselves out to help the RSA. Now, 2005 is right around the corner and we want to get our RSA banner out there in force. Please get in touch with Bob Pryor (his contact information is to the left of this column) and discuss the show in your area. Youll find lots of RSAers who will step forward to help you out.

The Annual RSA Meeting is coming up on January 29th in Las Vegas at the Annual Winter Antique Arms Show. If youve never attended, then treat yourself to one of Americas best gun shows and join a great group of guys at our Annual Meeting on Saturday night. And dont forget the election of officers. Please contact RSA Director John Gyde if you want to be considered for a management position within the Remington Society. Dont think that we dont appreciate new blood in our organization. New, energetic, hard-working members are always needed to keep our fine organization moving forward. President Slatten and VPs Rich Shepler and Mike Strietbeck need you to step forward.

As this calendar year comes to a close I want to thank our advertisers for their continuing support. Doug, Jim, Mitch, C.W. and the rest of you help to bring the Remington Word to collectors around the world. And thanks, too, to our friends at Remington Arms Company… from you guys and gals in Madison, Ilion, Lonoke, E-Town and Mayfield. Each of you helps us in many ways that most of our membership will never understand. We hope we are holding up our end to make the multitudes recognize the significance of Americas Oldest Gunmaker!The entire staff here at the Remington Society hopes you had a successful collecting year, and look forward with us to 2005!

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