The Fourth Quarter 2006 LOCKED AND LOADED

Words From RSA President Rich Shepler

As you receive this, the 2006 National elections will be history. I hope everyone was registered and voted. I also hope our pro-Second Amendment candidates were successful, but however the elections turn out, the fight for our gun ownership rights will never be over. So continue to stay involved and communicate with your law makers and elected officials.
I recommend you tell your family and the executor of your will what you want done with your collection. Perhaps some items should even be specifically dealt with in your will. Make a detailed inventory people can follow and indicate where things are located if it is not going to be obvious. Make multiple copies of your inventory and tell close friends where they are. Be certain your inventory
contains enough information
It is also time to renew your RSA annual membership unless you are a Life member. Don’t procrastinate! Please do it now while you are thinking about it so you don’t miss any issues of the RSA Journal or the other opportunities available to members. The upcoming year,
to distinguish similar items. If you kept records, indicate what you paid for things. Put estimated values on everything. It will help people know which things are more valuable than others and give them an idea of values.
Record details which make
2007 is RSA’s 25th Anniversary and there will be special limited and one time events to commemorate our twenty-five years as a gun collector organization.
Over the last year, a few of our RSA member’s gun collections were sold. When people are able to sell their collections themselves or decide when and where to consign them for auction, they are fortunate to be able to control what happens to them. But it made me think about the fact that one does not always have that opportunity. Have you thought about what would happen to your collection if you are not be able to disperse it yourself? Make it easy for your family and heirs and plan ahead. If we do not decide what we want done with our collections and communicate our wishes and instructions before hand… Or, if we are disabled or deceased when our collections are dealt with… chances are we wouldn’t like the result.

Today’s technology provides many options and your records can be simple written documents, digital photos stored with narrative on CDs or DVDs, or anything in between. How you do it is nowhere as important as doing it. Start now and do it in segments and it won’t be such a large chore later.
items more valuable. You may know things about your collection which make some items rare or more valuable and which are likely to be unknown to whoever is dealing with your collection. This is especially true if you have specialized your collection and research.
And finally, the decision has been made to hold our next RSA Historical Seminar in Ogden, Utah where we’ll get exclusive tours of the John Browning Museum and the Browning Firearms Factory. I need your input as to which month is best: August or September? Please contact me and let me know which month is best for you. Should be a terrific location for a seminar and we’ll have the usual excellent Remington speakers, sales tables and displays. There is plenty of time for you to plan your travel arrangements.

Best regards,

Rich Shepler

RSA President

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