The Fourth Quarter 2004 The Last Word, by RSA President George Slatten

The Last Word
by RSA President George Slatten
The Remington Society has been blessed with many successes in the last few years, but weve also experienced some growing pains. The one weighing heavily on me now is the Winchester Arms Collectors Association show being held October 9th and 10th in Springfield, MA. One year ago the WACA graciously invited the RSA to participate in this show and to compete for display awards. Our Board of Directors approved the idea and I accepted their invitation.
Although our faithful RSA Director Gene Myszkowski and I will attend the show to man the RSA display and promote our organization, no other RSA member responded to the WACA invitation to bring their Remington displays to Springfield and I was forced to withdraw our official club participation. Mostly, Im puzzled about this highly unusual lack of response, as our membership has always rallied to invitations to display by other collector organizations.

Was it because of inadequate notice, timing, not enough advertising of the event, or were there other reasons? Id appreciate your feedback/suggestions ( so that we can incorporate them into our show planning and avoid any such unfortunate situations in the future.

On a brighter note, Im very pleased to report on the progress of our participation at the Houston Gun Collectors Association show November 13th and 14th. The HGCA is hosting the NRAs 9th Annual Gun Collectors Show and Conference. RSA Show Manager Bob Pryor is doing his usual fine job and has enlisted our own well-known collector and author Jim Tipton for Show Coordinator duties. The results of their efforts have been very encouraging! Several RSA members, including J.D. Hofer and Jim Tipton will be displaying at this event, while weve had a great response from the membership to help man the RSA Display. Thanks for the good work guys!!

Now, a most important upcoming event, The Texas Gun Collectors Association show to be held April 21st through 24th, 2005, in Fort Worth Texas. Back in May 2001 the RSA participated in a TGCA show in Houston. We had a terrific turnout with outstanding displays and came away with a lot of awards.

This is your invitation to attend and display, so start making your plans now! We need as many RSA members as possible to have display (and sales) tables. All RSA members from Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and other nearby states are especially invited to attend!! There will be plenty of awards to compete for, as well as a cocktail reception, auction event, and an awards dinner. Here are some contact details:

TGCA show Chairman Paul Doggett
P.O. Box 253
Manvel, TX 77578
Phone (281) 489-9494

Contact Paul right away to reserve your display tables. Lets have a great turnout for this TGCA/RSA event if the last one is any indication, I guarantee youll have a good time!!

Respectively submitted,

George Slatten

RSA President

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