The First Quarter 2009 From The Editor, Roy Marcot

Dear RSA Members,

The new year promises great things for your Remington
Society. A lot of wonderful events are planned to keep you
immersed in “things Remington.” First of all, the Annual
RSA Member’s Meeting was held in Las
Vegas at Beinfeld’s Antique Arms Show in
mid-January. This is one of America’s top
gun shows, and not to be missed. The
RSA Board of Directors met on Friday
evening, and the Annual Member’s
Meeting on Saturday night, with our
largest attendance to date!

A highlight at the meeting was when
RSA Charter Member Don ware was
brought forward to be honored for his
contribution of his historical records to
the RSA Archives. Don spent two decades
collecting historical materials on
Remington large frame percussion
revolvers… which culminated in the
publication of his book last year. Thank you, Don… your
historical materials found a good home.

Concurrently, RSA member Gary Phillips announced that
the historical records of the late Slim Kohler (RSA Roll of
Honor inductee) would also be donated to the RSA Archives!
The organization thanks Gary for convincing Slim’s heirs to
have his records preserved in this manner.

Three months ago RSA member Joe Callahan sent the RSA
Archives a surprise package containing a number of historical
materials from his father’s work with Remington in the
1930s and ’40s. The information on Remington Cutlery is
especially noteworthy, as it preserves information long since
thought lost. Thank you, Joe, for preserving your father’s
Next up will be the RSA’s involvement at the NRA Annual
Meeting & Convention to be held in Phoenix on May 14th-
17th. RSA VP Mike Strietbeck has volunteered to exhibit his
Remington Cane Guns at the Remington Society booth.
Please contact Mike or Bob Pryor if you can help man the
RSA booth. Be prepared to ‘talk
Remington’ with thousands of visitors. If
you haven’t attended an NRA Annual
Meeting before you will thank me later for
talking you in to attending this one.

The Remington Research Team is
returning to Ilion to conduct primary
research on July 27th. Team members
should contact me ASAP for details.

The main event for the Remington
Society in 2009 is the 14th Annual RSA
Historical Seminar, to be held at the
Remington manufacturing plant in Ilion,
New York on July 29th-31st. See the full
page advertisement on page 58 of this
Journal. Don’t miss the historical lectures,
plant tours, museum viewing, raffles and give-aways. Come
to Ilion, New York in late July!

Well…. that’s about all for now. I hope to see you at one
or more RSA events this year, RSA members.

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