The First Quarter 2007 RSA Journal

Photo of the First Quarter 2007 Issue of the RSA Journal

First Quarter 2007
RSA Journal

In This Issue …

From The Editor, Roy Marcot

  • RemShots

    • Yacht Gun Shells
    • 12 gauge Tracer Shells
    • Remington Illustrations
    • Remington Advertisement
    • Remington Model 8 Sights
    • Remington Model 1100 Shotguns
    • Remington No2 Rifles
    • Remington “Noiseless” Typewriters
    • Remington Transformed Muskets
    • Remington Patents on No2 Rifles
    • Schmatics – M37 and M513 Rifles
    • Remington Model 1900 Shotguns
    • Remington Model 725 ADL Rifles
    • Remington-Lee M1882 Rifles
    • Remington “Sportsman” Shotguns
    • Remington Model 812 Shotgun Parts
    • Remington Model 300 “Ideal” Shotguns
    • Remington Model 17C “Special Grade”
    • Remington Model 411 Rifles

  • “The Missing Keys of a Vatican Rolling Block Carbine”
    by George Layman

  • “Only One Hundred”
    by Fritz Baehr

  • “Identified Remingtons”
    by Charles Pate

  • “Remington Society – 1982 to 2007”
    by Roy Marcot

  • “Know Your RSA Leaders”
    by Roy Marcot

  • “Collecting Remington “Silvadry” 22 Ammo”
    by Bob Mancini and Rich Rains

  • “UMC and Rem-UMC Shotshells”
    by Roy Marcot and Lou Behling

  • “Collecting UMC and Rem-UMC Shipping Crates”
    by Larry Mayer

  • “A Missing Page in Remington’s History Book?”
    by Elliot Burka

  • “A Library for the Remington Collector”
    by Ed Hull Roy Marcot

  • Rem-Facts
    by Mark Eddy

Classified Ads

Words by RSA President Rich Shepler

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