The First Quarter 2003 The Last Word, by RSA President George Slatten

Dear RSA Members:

The Remington Society kicked off another year on January 18th with out Annual RSA Meeting, held in conjunction with Wally Beinfeld’s Antique Arms Show in Las Vegas. As usual, we had a great turnout, signed up a number of new members, and had a log of fun.

Following up on his decision not to run for re-election, Leon Wier stepped down as RSA President, thus endinga remarkable eleven-year tenure of exemplary leadership. Leon guided the RSA to hew heights and accomplished many “firsts,” making us the envy of other collecting organizations. Who can forget “The Exhibit” at the Cody Firearms Museum in 1997, or the Remington firearms displays at Jekyl Island in 2000? We all owe Leon a debt of gratitude for his dedicated service, in honor of which he was presented with a U.S. Marin Corps sword (Leon served in the Pacific during World War II in the Marine Corps) and a one-of-a-kind, serial number 1, case-colored, rolling block rifle cut-away. Thank you Leon!!

Elections prodced a new President (yours truly) and a new Secretary, Sue Creamer. Gene Myszkowski and Mike Strietbeck were re-elected as RSA Directors. By Presidential appointment, Rich Shepler will fill the vacant Vice Presidency, and retiring RSA Secretary Bob Hatfield will fill the Director’s position vacated by Rich.

I always enjoy RSA events, but I must admin that the Annual Meetings in Las Vegas, including the silent auctions and prize drawings, are special. Bob Creamer provides us with a unique form of entertainment during these auctions and prize drawings, and this time was no exception. Thanks to Bob and Sue for coordinating this activity, and to all those whose donations make these fund-raising events possible. 100% of all proceeds go into the RSA Operating Fund.

The Remington Society is looking forward to a full calendar of events this year.

  • In early March, Mike Strietbeck and Gene Myszkowski will change the current RSA display at the Remington Factory Museum in Ilion, NY. Contact either person if you have “special” Remingtons that you wish to put on display for six to nine months.

  • On April 25th, Dick Binger is planning a top-notch Remington Single-Shot Rifle display for the RSA Booth at the Annual NRA meeting in Orlando, Florida. Please contact us if you want to help Dick man the booth during this three day event.

  • The 9th Annual RSA Historical Seminar will be held in Cody, Wyoming from the July 30th to August 1st. This event is coordinated by Rich Shepler and his wife Janet. You don’t want to miss this!! In addition to the historical lectures and activities, the RSA is working with the Cody Firearms Museum to ensure that Slim Johler’s exception Remington handgun collection will be on display. Slim’s Remington collection may very well be the world’s best.

  • And the October, Gene Myszkowski will coordinate an RSA exhibit at the 16th Annual NRA Gun Collectors Show to be held in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    On a business note, now is the time to renew your RSA membership for 2003, or to become a Life Member. Yearly membership dues will increase $5 a year and Life Membership will increase to $400, effective June 1st.

    I look forward to the upcoming year’s events, and to working with all of you to grose and improve the Remington society. Following in Leon’s footsteps will be no easy task, but with his mentoring and your help I’m sure we can succeed!!


    George Slatten

    Remington Society of America

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