The Art of Remington Arms by Sporting Classics

Those who attended the 1997 Exhibit of Remington Firearms in Cody,
Wyoming marveled at the original art work loaned by Remington Arms
Company. We heard more than once that someone should do a book on
the sporting art and publish it. Well, that is exactly what Remington
has done. Encouraged by Art Wheaton, Remington engaged “Sporting Classics”
to photograph and produce a new, 200-page hardbound book (10″ x 12″ size)
“The Art of Remington Arms”. This full-color book
is available at a cost $60 plus $6 postage and handling.

To order, send a check for $66 per book (includes all shipping fees)
made out to “RSA” and mail to our Secretary,

RSA Treasurer Robert Kneppler
HUSTON, TEXAS 77007-5071