Remington Autoloading and Pump-Action Rifles by Gene Myszkowski

Remington Autoloading and Pump-Action Rifles is an illustrated
history of Remington’s centerfire Models 760, 740, 742, 7400 and 7600. The
book is thoroughly researched and features many previously-unpublished
photographs of the rifles, their accessories and accoutrements.

Chapters include the rifles’ beginnings, the 760, 740, 742, a new
generation of rifles, the 7400 and 7600, the Models Four and Six, the
Sportsman 74 and 76, high grade rifles, commemorative rifles, unusual and
experimental rifles, magazines, patents, after-market accessories,
information on collecting rifles, and serial numbers and barrel codes. The
book includes a bibliography and an index.

John D. Heath, Remington Arms Company historian, said of the book,
“As complete a history of any firearm that I have ever read; all the
elements are there. Myszkowski is the authority on modern Remington pump
and autoloading rifles. If one has a question about them, the answer is in
his book.”

Remington Autoloading and Pump-Action Rifles, ISBN 1-880677-20-2,
is a 132-page, 6 x 9-inch, four-color laminated softcover, with 162
photographs, 6 illustrations and 18 charts.

This fine book is available through the author for $20.95 plus $2.50 shipping.

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