Removing Fore-End cap screw

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Removing Fore-End cap screw

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I inherited a Gamemaster 760 .35 without a firing pin (long story). I would like to get the weapon back into working condition, so I looked at a couple of videos on disassembly. They all say to remove the Fore-End cap screw by just unscrewing it. My issue is there is a cap over the top of the screw and I am unsure how to remove it. See attached photo.

I am unsure what the age is either, as I went to the Society page on Manufacturing Dates and what it shows is not stamped on my weapon. Instead of a date code I have 2 numbers and some symbols. See attached photo.
So either the weapon was built in March 1903, which I doubt, or I am reading something wrong.

I would appreciate your help, as this is weapon 1 of 12 without firing pins. Oh, and did I mention I don't have the firing pins for any of them but the 760.

Thanks, Jack
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Re: Removing Fore-End cap screw

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The entire Action Tube is meant to be unscrewed. Open the action then look at the Action Tube, there are probably two holes that aid in disassembly.
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