Trying to identify .22 "US Property"

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Trying to identify .22 "US Property"

Post by wes350x »

Hello everyone, I have tried to find out information about this .22 bolt action with little to no markings. It has a Remington magazine and is stamped "US property" above the receiver. The front bead sight was missing so a local gun seller rigged me up something for now. It has been sitting in my gun cabinet for years and shoots well, just can't find anything other than it appears to be a Remington 500 series. The color and length of the barrel plus no other markings are stumping me. Ill take as many pics as needed.

Any help?
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Re: Trying to identify .22 "US Property"

Post by malsop »

Is there any barrel markings i.e. (barrel address or date code)? It looks like a Remington model 513 which were used by the military as training rifles.

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Re: Trying to identify .22 "US Property"

Post by noreci9898 »

Don’t think so

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Re: Trying to identify .22 "US Property"

Post by ChuckD »

I agree with Mike, This 513 bolt handle is different than the other 500 series 22's.
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