.22 Remington Vest Pocket Derringer "Bicycle Rifle" Wire stocked Buggy Rifle

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.22 Remington Vest Pocket Derringer "Bicycle Rifle" Wire stocked Buggy Rifle

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Hey guys, I'm working on processing and selling my late father's collection for my mother and I need some help valuing this one. I have the 1946 "Remington Hanguns" by Karr that mentions them briefly, but I'm looking for someone who might have the book "Remington Vest Pocket Pistols" by Robert E. Hatfield and might be willing to email me pics of the pages 67-70 that I believe discusses these in depth. I also need help appraising. I have found these this one is way close to mine that estimates $1500-2500, and sold for $1400, but that was in 2010.

https://www.icollector.com/Remington-ve ... e_i9457405

In that listing it cites a 1971 Gun Report article stating gun was built on the frame of a .41 cal split breech model with only 8 known to exist. If anyone can help me find that article I'd very much appreciate it!

So I'm guessing that 2010 $1400 one should be at least $2500+ value by now. However, mine has a 9" barrel to the trigger and 10.25" to the the breach. Under the grips it has a serial number that I believe reads 1211. It also doesn't have the skeleton stock or sights, and the hammer is broken off. Breach and action still work well, but I have to cock the broken hammer with an awl. I'm sure that's all a big hit as far as value, but with that article saying only 8 known to exist, I'd think it'd still be super sought after by collectors. Any thoughts?
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Re: .22 Remington Vest Pocket Derringer "Bicycle Rifle" Wire stocked Buggy Rifle

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Hi BThompson,

Send me your email and I’ll send you some info that is too long to post here. aardqe5 at gmail.

We do not give any value estimates unless we can personally examine the gun, so no value estimate here. Condition affects value, and so does rarity, but, demand is what determines value. If 100 model xyz were made and 300 people want one, the value is high. If 1,000 model xyz guns were made, with the same 300 that want one, the value will be much less, and if only 100 people want one of those 1,000 guns, the value will be low.

The article is over 50 years old, and a lot can, and has changed in that amount of time. Also the article says that only 8 are known, but does that mean only 8 on this size frame, or only 8 total? But again, that is a 50 year old estimation.

Replacement hammers are nonexistent, so that alone would drastically affect the value of your gun. The light freckling and minor nicks on the frame, and the lack of original finish will also affect the value. The muzzle doesn’t appear to have a factory crown.

In the book, Hatfield's states that 13 buggy rifles were found during his survey. There should be some more out there, but we won’t know until they turn up. The book is now 20 years ols, and more may have turned up, and a lot may have changed in those 20 years.

The auction gun did not sell, which leads me to believe that the estimate was way over priced. Condition is everything, and a difference of 10% can mean as much as a 30% difference in value for the top condition guns, and an even greater difference in the mid to lower condition guns.

Several questions on your gun.
What size is the frame, No 2, or #3?
Is there are serial number on the bbl? Remie put the serial on the bottom of the bbls.
Is the bbl all original, or was the original bbl cut at the end of the octagon, and then this bbl added?
What was the original finish?

Are there other Remingtons in the collection that are for sale?

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