Remington Carbine 56 56 Spencer- Up Date Of 2009 post

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Remington Carbine 56 56 Spencer- Up Date Of 2009 post

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I was cleaning guns in my gun room and found this old Remington Rolling Block Carbine back in the corner and thought I would do some more research on the old gun -- in the process I found my old 2009 post that I had forgot about so now I will answer -- Mr. Layman's questions and Apologize for this Late Reply !!

This was Mr. Layman's reply to my first post --

Dear Rick
Good find there! I have an exact copy of this carbine listed in my new Military Rolling Block book which will be out in December from Mowbray Publishing Co. (Man at Arms). The variation I have in the identical caliber has a slightly longer chamber almost as a.52-70 rimfire and has the Cambodian/Siamese Chakra over the receiver ring. It also has Sanskrit markings beneath the stock. and appears to have been issued to Cambodia when it became a French Protectorate sometime around 1884. Your carbine may be one of the several thousand of unamed (as of now) caliber carbines sold to France durng the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. If you note, the barrel on yours has rounded sides to the chamber which is reminiscent of either a Spencer or Whitney barrel. Try to measure your chamber and see if it is longer the standard .56-50 Spencer ctge. When my book gets out, read into that section of Cambodia thorouoghly, and it might give a better insight perhaps. Also look for any unusual markings that may be worn on yours, as well as under the forearm. By the way does your rear sight have the Springfield 1861 / 63 musket style "spanner" screw in lieu of the standard flat head groove type? I will be in touch..

George Layman

Mr. Layman -- Hear are the answers to your questions
The chamber measures - aprox - 1 3/8 '' from the breech to the rifling
There are no unusual markings
The sight screw is a groove type
Note - See photos -- note the very crude rear sling ring
What is the lug with screw for under the barrel ?
Thant you Rick
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Re: Remington Carbine 56 56 Spencer- Up Date Of 2009 post

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The lug with the screw under the barrel is to hold the forearm in place.
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Re: Remington Carbine 56 56 Spencer- Up Date Of 2009 post

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That sounds very close to a .50-45 chamber. I have a put-together .50-45 navy carbine and shoot it with cases 1.355" long.

Coincidentally, I shoot the same cartridges in my model 1871 Springfield Spencer rifle using a centerfire breech block. While nominally chambered in .56-50, it has a longer chamber and will only cycle with this length cartridge.
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