WTS/WTT 1950 Wingmaster 20ga ADL 28" Mod

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WTS/WTT 1950 Wingmaster 20ga ADL 28" Mod

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I have a 1950 (barrel code XWW, serial number on barrel matches the one on receiver) Wingmaster 870 20 gauge ADL (Diamond checkering, matted rib barrel) in pretty decent condition, especially for a shotgun that will be 70 years old next month.
Blue is a solid 90 percent. No rust or pitting at all. Stock is 85ish. Very good except for one small "ding" where it appears another gun fell against it hitting the butt right next to the left/lower side of the grip, but it's hardly horrific.

Being "pre-shotcup" mfg the "modified" barrel is a TIGHT choke. AA 7 1/2, 7/8 oz load patterned 81 percent at 40 yards, so TIGHT is a fair description.

I HATE the thought of cutting the barrel and recrowning it to make it something I can use and finding an IC or Skeet barrel for a standard frame 20ga is near impossible and WAY too costly for my uses, but........that's what I will have to do if I cannot sell or trade it.

I'm a little at a loss over the LOW interest in this firearm (on Armslist) so I thought I would put it here for a short bit among those who appreciate a first year Wingmaster. (Easy enough to find on Armslist too IF its "not allowed" to be listed elsewhere, someone please email me and let me know. I can kill the armslist ad, No problem.)

CHEAP, IMO at 500 plus shipping OR trade for another 20 gauge Wingmaster with IC or Skeet or even a smoothbore slug barrel..........but in a LW version so I can buy barrels if required. No express models please. skrsr1@yahoo.com is the quickest way to contact me.

God Bless for considering.
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