Is this Model 1894 really a Trap Gun?

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Is this Model 1894 really a Trap Gun?

Post by Sean_Esim_Gunworks » Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:06 am

Hello everyone,
After days of scouring the deepest corners of this, and other, Remington forums, I decided to go ahead and ask the experts. I hate to be "that guy", posting the same question that everyone else does, but I just cannot find what I'm looking for anywhere. So thank you in advance for your patience with me.
In short, I purchased a lot of 11 firearms recently, and this Model 1894 was part of the lot. Manufactured in 1910 with serial number 139xxx, it has the English grip, ejectors, Ordnance barrels, and is marked with a "F" in a couple locations. However, it is also marked as \\\ M E. I haven't seen the "M" before. Also, from all of the other Trap guns I can find images of, they are clearly marked on the barrel as such, whereas mine has the regular ORDNANCE marking. I will try to add several images to this post, hopefully I get that right lol.
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