Model 31 12 ga pump with US Ordnance Markings

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Model 31 12 ga pump with US Ordnance Markings

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Hello - and would appreciate your assist identifying a Remington Model 31 12 ga pump shotgun. This firearm has US Ordnance acceptance marking “RLB” (Roy L. Bowlin) over flaming bomb; and a “BA” over “3” in a cartouche stamped on left side of butt stock. The serial number on both receiver and barrel is 39635. Bowlin was an Ordnance Inspector but I cannot place him at Benicia Arsenal. I cannot locate the three letter year/month stamp which supposed to be on left side of barrel at breach. Perhaps it is there but further under the barrel. There is an “REP” stamp on the eight side of the barrel immediately in front of the receiver. It is followed by a four sided “diamond” mark. This shotgun also has a Cutts Compensator installed. We were stationed at Travis AFB 1949-1959 where my father was a SAC bomber pilot. I recall my father bringing this gun home from the Benicia Arsenal, circa 1952-3. At the time, SAC Commander General Curtis Lemay required all of his officers to participate in skeet/trap shooting. A morale building thing, I think. This also was Dad's hunting gun and he passed it down to my two older brothers in turn before I started using it when I was in college. So - some questions: 1) Was Roy L. Bowlin chief inspector at Benicia Arsenl and when? 2) based on the serial number what year was this arm manufactured? and 3) would the Cutts Compensator have been on the gun when my father picked it up at Benicia Arsenal - or would that have been something he added post-purchase? Inspite of all the use this gun had both metal and wood are in NRA fine condition. All metal retains approx 95%+ of its original dull blueing and the wood is without blemishes. Thanks for your help with this.
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Re: Model 31 12 ga pump with US Ordnance Markings

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The Model 31 12-gauge receiver with serial number 39635 was put in production during November 1940. I have a couple of Model 31s with the RLB and the bomb, a cobbled together gun with a receiver in the 37xxx range with different serial numbers on the barrel and trigger group and this all matching number nice skeet gun in the 52xxx range --
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