model 11 (1939 ish) 20ga

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model 11 (1939 ish) 20ga

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I found an old "beater" remington model 11 in 20ga and couldn't pass it up. It's a good shooter, and with a few replacement parts and a shoe shine it'll be just fine. I have pulled the stock and forend.
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and have ordered replacement parts for the Magazine Tube Cap retainer plunger. But the hole isn't threaded. I hope the new parts from Numerich will bite into the existing hole without any extra work. The stock cracked there between the barrel channel and the hole. But someone repaired it. Hopefully a good repair.

Stripped the stock and forend as the sun set this evening. Have a couple places I missed, so will give it another blast with the remover tomorrow. I will give it a good boiling water wash afterwards and see if the dents raise up. Then steel wool the wood to take down the raised grain if any... If the color tests good with a finger of boiled linseed oil, I'll just leave the wood natural,. It appears to be good walnut. The gook that was on it covered the gain so well it looked like paint.
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The new Remington SuperCell pad fits pretty well. The contour is the same, but the old Remington stock is about 1/16th larger all around. I'm not going to attempt a modification of the butt stock contour. Too much at stake playing with thickness of a stock that fits my face. The Supercell recoil pad will be a more pleasant looking pad as the old one was ugly and hard as a rock.
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The receiver is nearly devoid of any original finish. I had a moment where I thought Duracoat may be a good option, but think that will wait. It just may be better to exercise some caution. I have shot a few rounds of skeet with this ol beauty and did right well with a MOD choke. The guys laugh at the recoiling barrel... but I think it's neat. I usually shoot an 1100G3 12ga.

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Re: model 11 (1939 ish) 20ga

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I enjoy shooting skeet with my 20-gauge "Sportsman" three-shot version of the five-shot Model 11. I call it my Robert Stack memorial gun. In reality the gun young Bobby was winning championships with in the late 1930s was a Model 11 equipped with a Cutts Compensator.
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I did manage a few straights at skeet with my gun's original 28-inch modified barrel, but then scored an original vent rib SKEET barrel for it in the for sale section of the Parker Gun Collectors Association web site. Paid a bit more for that barrel than I did for the gun!!

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