Model 30-S markings and serial numbers

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Model 30-S markings and serial numbers

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I recently acquired what I thought was a Model 30-S in .35 Remington, a rifle I had been looking for for a long time. The serial number is in the 9,000 range. Looking at my other 30-S rifles I noticed that they all have serial numbers in the 20,000+ range and that they all have aperture sights. The receiver marking on the rifle I bought is "30 Express" not "30-S Express" and it has no aperture sight. I'm now thinking it is not an original 30-S but rather a Model 30 in a 30-S stock. Also I see that the Blue Book of Gun Values states that the 30-S was made in .25 Rem, 7x57, .30-06 and .257 Roberts. No mention of .30 Rem, .32 Rem, or .35 Rem.

I'd be grateful if anyone could comment on:

Whether there was a serial number cutoff between the 30 and 30-S?

Whether the 30-S was ever made in .30, .32, or .35 Remington

Whether early 30-S rifles were ever marked "30 Express" without the S

Whether there is a definitive way to tell whether a 30-S is original.

Whether any 30-S rifles were made without aperture sights.

I think I may have jumped on this rifle too eagerly and, worse, that there may be no such thing as an original 30-S in .35 Remington.

many thanks
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