Strange Rolling Block Carbine

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Strange Rolling Block Carbine

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Just purchased a Remington Rolling Block carbine in .50-70. It is safe and sound with a bore that looks like new, but a closer look reveals that the gun is put together from at least 3 different guns. The barrel and fore-end is from a Navy carbine where the chamber has been modified from .50-45 to 50.70. Barrel has part number 3795, is marked with 37 behind the fore-end and marked with anchor on top. Trigger guard has serial number 11515 while the receiver has serial number 7322. There is a 4 line address field on teh receiver, last patent date March 18th 1874.
Anyone who has an idea of what this could be?
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Re: Strange Rolling Block Carbine

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It is a parts gun made to look like a 1867 Navy carbine. The frame has the name Remington Arms Company on it, this indicates that the fame was made after 1888. The breech block was modified by adding the stud extractor to it. The trigger guard is from another gun.

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