Engraved Model 14, ca. 1918

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Engraved Model 14, ca. 1918

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Santa was good to me. Looking for any additional information on this cal. 35 Remington model 14 rifle. (I am a .35 caliber addict!). Obviously factory engraved, Stock has a silver oval, stock head has some assembly / repair markings (maybe a 5 for the grade of wood?) and the last 3 digits of serial number. The rifle doesn’t conform exactly to the rather scarce information that I have been able to find on graded guns of this model. E grade? F grade? Also factory repair codes inside the receiver , 1926? I look forward to any comments. Happy holidays to you all.
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Re: Engraved Model 14, ca. 1918

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Looks like the Model 14F "Premier" Grade as pictured in the 1915-16 Remington Arms - Union Metallic Cartridge Co. catalog. Normally the serial number is stamped in the head of the stock and on a high grade gun like this possibly the mark of the stock maker who made the stock.
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