Dating Vintage Remington .22

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Dating Vintage Remington .22

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Hello all, first post here. Had one of my late fathers long time friend/farmer bring up a little straight stock Remington pump rifle for me to have a look at.

From the research I’ve done the past 1.5hrs I’m guessing it’s possibly a model 12 or 12A. Has the oval window.

I know the extractor must be broke because it won’t eject casings and I’m not even sure of parts are still available for this era rifle. If it could be fixed up, it would sure be nice to send it out and maybe have the bluing redone.

First things first though, might be a dandy idea to figure out year of manufacture.

It’s a round barrel and due to pitting and just enough rust I can’t tell if there’s any other number on the barrel other than Remington arms union manufacturing company etc. and also short and long use... Underside of receiver though it has RW (guessing that might be Remington works) followed by serial of 237776

Certainly appreciate any and all help.

Thank you
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Re: Dating Vintage Remington .22

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