Remington Model 514 Rear Sight Help

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Remington Model 514 Rear Sight Help

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I would like to replace my rear factory notch sight with a peep sight. Most companies I've researched so far only have sights that go in a factory barrel dovetail. As most of you probably know the Model 514 rear sight is screwed into the barrel with 2 screws. Does anyone know of a peep sight that will screw into my existing 2 rear sight holes? They are 5/8" apart measured center to center but I do not know the screw size, 6-48, 8-40? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Richard.
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Re: Remington Model 514 Rear Sight Help

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If you are talking "receiver sight", one that is screwed into the left rear side of the receiver then the Lyman 57RS or the Redfield 75RS were designed to fit your rifle but holes would have to be drilled. As far as a "peep sight" that would fit into the holes on the top of the barrel, never seen one but that doesn't mean someone didn't make one back in the 40's when these were more popular............doubt it. We're talking about a rifle that sold for $13 and the Lyman/Redfield receiver sights (above) sold for $7. These sights were common on the 513T.

Hope this helps!

Jim Peterson
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Jim Peterson
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