Model 141 Action Bar Covers / Bulletin #15

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Model 141 Action Bar Covers / Bulletin #15

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Yeah, these are "the" most broken part on the Model 14 and 141 and since they haven't made any since parts ran out back in about 1958 they are hard to come by. The most common way to come up with one is buy a parts gun and hope the action bar cover is intact or at least usable condition. The next best way is to buy one off Gunbroker or Ebay from some dude that strips decent rifles for parts then charging a rather nasty price. There are a couple of examples from one such parts guy on Ebay right now BUT in his defense you can't readily buy the action bar cover anywhere else.

In some of my other writings you might have noted that I don't hold a very high opinion of late date manufactured 141's, what they did with action bar covers is just one example. What they did off/on starting about serial 42,000 was use something like a "nail set" to dimple the cover to the bottom of the barrel for "a better fit"?? I have seen covers that have one dimple on them which isn't too bad but some have several making them virtually impossible to use on any other 141. I'm attaching a couple of pics taken from a cover for sale now on GB showing both sides of the dimpling process. It might not look like much but in order to make it fit your rifle you have to grind the high side of the dimple down smooth with the channel on the top of the cover. This process is hit and miss, annoying, and if you screw up it will cost you whatever you paid for the cover itself.

For info, hope some find this informative or helpful.

Hope the pictures transfer over, I'm not too swift when it comes to this computer crap.

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