Looking for a Remington 141 - Action assembly cover

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Looking for a Remington 141 - Action assembly cover

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I've recently joined the Remington 141 owners club, following the purchase of one of these fantastic rifles chambered in 32 Rem. I'd say this one is at about 90% shape all around with the bore looking nice and clean with deep lands and grooves, this following a good cleaning of course.

This is where my problem began in that I managed to snap the mounting ear off of the Action Assembly Cover, even after reading all of the accounts of others doing the same thing and trying to be careful. Absolutely gutted about this as was very much enjoying the use of this rifle in it's very rare caliber.

My question therefore is, does anybody here happen to know where I might be able to find a replacement? The one I need has the full length groove to fit with the later model 168 (largest type) Cartridge Stop. I've checked the usual locations including Numrich, eBay and Gunbroker without any luck.

Serial number is 5 digits as follow 1168X

I can include pictures if this will help. Any advise much appreciated.

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