Inherited model 11 and 12 (I think) please help

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Inherited model 11 and 12 (I think) please help

Post by mcposmith » Fri Apr 17, 2020 7:09 pm

Hey yall,
My grandfather passed around three years ago and willed me two of his long guns. From what my grandmother told me, theyre a Remington model 11 and a Remington model 12.

Its struck me recently that I want to know more about these long guns and find out about their history. Im also trying to discern exactly what it is Ive inherited down to the last detail.

The model 12 as I think it is, has a patent description on the top of the hexagonal barrel, and moving backwards, behind the rear sight aperture, reads Remington trade. Next to that on the next flat side reads .22 short, long, or rifle long. On almost the bottom of the barrel is another stamping that reads P/L, and the stamping is almost lopsided. On the bottom of the receiver, letters are stamped RW and under that is a number 170797. There is also a Remington stamp behind the trigger guard that reads Remington UMC Trade Mark. The last stamping Ive found is on the charging handle, Its just behind the wood grip and its just an "S".
Im trying to figure out what when this rifle was made, and what variant it may be.

The model 11 is a semi-auto shotgun and its a little worse for wear so forgive me if some of the descriptions of the stamps seem strange.
The top of the round barrel is stamped with a patent description. Around the barrel just above the hand guard is the word FULL stamped. And the only other stamping I can find anywhere is on the bottom of the receiver and it reads 45668.
Same MO with this shotgun, Im looking for any info on when it was made and what kind of variant of model 11 it may be.

Thanks a bunch yall. I really hope someone knows what Ive got here.

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