More Model 12 Questions?

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More Model 12 Questions?

Post by ZTatZAU » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:31 pm

Hello All, This is my first post on the Remington Society forum.

I have a nice little "Remington Model 12" which I always thought was a "Gallery Rifle" and pretty much original. But from what I've recently read here and elsewhere, I'm not so sure. I've also recently downloaded, from the Remington website, a copy of their archived, "Model 12 12A Rimfire.pdf" , which has only added to my confusion. I'm thinking perhaps that the foregoing manual I downloaded, titled "REMINGTON Arms Company, Inc. - MODEL 12 - .22 CAL. REPEATING RIFLE" might really pertain to an earlier model 12 than mine. I would appreciate any information anyone can provide on this rifle to clear up my confusion and help me understand just what I have here.
The left side of the receiver is marked...

The top of the octagon barrel, forward of the rear sight, is marked...
PEDERSENS PATENTS JAN 5, 1909, OCT 12, 1909, MAR 8, 1910, NOV 21, 1911, APR 16, 1912

Aft of the rear sight, just forward of the receiver, the top of the barrel is marked...

On the next flat down from the top of the barrel, on the port side just forward of the receiver, it is marked...

Beyond the engraved...

... in a circle on the metal crescent but plate, there are no other visible markings on the rifle.

I would like to determine...
1) The date of manufacture of this rifle?
2) Whether or not the Model 12-C barrel could be original to the receiver marked Model 12?
3) Whether or not the "pistol grip stock" is original to this rifle?
4) Whether or not the little hole, which looks like it may contain a little "roll-pin" of some sort, just forward of the slide attach screw on both sides of the slide is original or likely a later repair? (See the close up of this area in the image above)

Any and all info on this rifle will be much appreciated! ZT

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ADDITIONAL INFO Re: More Model 12 Questions?

Post by ZTatZAU » Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:51 am

I do find additional markings on the bottom left and right flats of the barrel just forward of the receiver, as follows...

Left side: RU and a diamond shaped punchmark with a dot inside the diamond.
Right Side: What looks like diamond shaped punch (rather than a triangle) with an "O" inside.

COINCIDENTLY, the barrel marks on my rifle are almost identical to the marks shown in the photos of another RSoA forum thread... ... 5&t=26086 ...posted by forum member "Harv" in December of 2018 but, unfortunately, as of yet Harv's post has not received any replies.

I also found it interesting that the serial number shown on the receiver of "Harv's rifle" (772549) is only a few hundred higher than the serial number on my rifle's receiver (7721XX) and that, while I can't be sure from the quality of Harv's photos, the markings on the top of Harv's barrel doesn't appear to show any Model number at all. Are there any clues to be gleened from all this?

Based on the "Manufacture Dates – Remington Society of America" document I found on this site, It appears that my rifle (or more specifically, at least the barrel on my rifle) was manufactured in NOVEMBER 1927. Can anyone confirm this conclusion?

If so, were there any "Model 12" rifles (as per the receiver markings) manufactured in 1927 with barrels marked "Model 12-C"? And if so, does this make my rifle a "Model 12-C"? Or, perhaps more likely, an earlier Model 12 rifle with a later Model 12-C barrel installed?

Any help on these questions, as well as the questions in my original post will be much appreciated.

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