Model 25 32-20 feeding trouble

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Model 25 32-20 feeding trouble

Post by wbj0815 » Wed Apr 03, 2019 9:51 pm

Hello all. New to the forum but long time gun owner. I recently acquired a model 25 in 32-20 and the gun is in overall very solid shape. Great shooter as far as accuracy and bore. Only one problem... It had trouble feeding rounds from the mag tube. The rounds actually seem to not want to move up through the cartridge guides on the bolt face that hold the round in place. Is this possibly just overly thick cartridge rims? All I've used is starline thus far. The guides and bolt face don't appear overly rough. At least nothing obvious. I hate for the gun to be relegated to single shot mode. I appreciate any help at all.

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Re: Model 25 32-20 feeding trouble

Post by nambujim » Sat Jun 08, 2019 3:03 pm

I try to stick to what I know which is not the Model 25 but they have one thing in common with the Model 14 and that is a "similar" feed system. The 14 does not like Winchester brass because of the rim thickness and I'm thinking you might be having the same problem.

You need to find some older Remington factory ammunition and try them.

Also, if your brass has nicked or beat up rims they will feed poorly.

Good luck, these are really neat rifles but parts are almost impossible
to find.

Jim Peterson
Charlotte, NC
Jim Peterson

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