Remington Mohawk 600

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Remington Mohawk 600

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I've got a Mohawk 600 in 243, the Birch Stock needs refinishing. I want to do it justice, I stripped the finish off as mention it is birch, with a real nice grain. Does anyone know what the Origional stain or dye was under the clear. As we all know birch is prone to botching.

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Re: Remington Mohawk 600

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Remington used a bowling ball finish that isn't available commercially. Dupont RKW was the trade name used. It was tested on the rooftop of the factory where stocks were exposed to the summer and winter temperatures. Tough stuff with a nice semi gloss look. I would suggest a "bar top" finish. Something that stands up to being wet. And put it on thin, and multiple layers. But you'll likely find someone with other ideas.

I've grown to like an oil finish, Linspeed oil or boiled linseed oil. Again applied in layers, and using 0000 steel wool between coats to remove irregularities and raised grain. About the 5th or 6th coat, you want to apply with a lint free cloth, very thin... and let it dry completely. Will be a serviceable finish that can be repaired if you get a ding.


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