My new Model 14

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My new Model 14

Post by petemacmahon » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:30 am

Recently picked up a Remington model 14 in 35 Rem. from a fellow on the huntingpa forum, and I have a few questions.

1) After researching the postings here and elsewhere, it appears to have the barrel stampings indicating it was manufactured in January of 1928, but the serial # range is in the range posted for 1929. Was the barrel stamping put on when the barrel is made or when the gun is finished? If the former, could the barrel have sat a year in the warehouse and then been affixed to a receiver in 1929? The role marking pattern appears to be Type 5 and so matches for those years.

2) Like many others, I just marvel at the machining on this thing. For instance, it appears there is set screw to loosen before drifting the front sight for windage. Also, the center part of the rear sight blade has a small bolt and it appears that the center of the sight can be either moved or changed. Was there different rear sight inserts offered?

3) Can anyone tell me what the nominal length of pull was on the standard model 14? Mine has the crescent metal but plate, which BTW has matching serial# etched on the inside which is cool. But the top of the but plate has pulled away ever so slightly from the wood and I dare not tighten it any more for fear of stripping the hole in the wood. I'm thinking it's just age shrinkage of the wood, but wanted to double check if anyone shortened the stock.

Lastly, I had her out to the range yesterday with factory Remington 200 grain ammo. Got a cluster of 1.75 inches for 4 shots off the bench at 75 yards, the flyer is my fault. NOT bad for a 90 year old rifle!!!!! She will be out this deer season in the woods of Central PA (the home of more pump rifles than any other state in the nation!:) and I have a handful of period coins to put in my pocket to boot. Next up, a period companion revolver. I'm thinking a S&W 44 hand ejector 3rd model, but sadly that will set me back allot more than this model 14.
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Re: My new Model 14

Post by nambujim » Sat Jun 08, 2019 3:12 pm

1) They did not make these rifles by serial, dates vary all over the place.
2) No
3) They made four styles of butt plate, Bakelite, Steel Shotgun, Full
Crescent that wraps around the top of the stock, and Semi-Crescent
in two styles (Serrated & Smooth w/logo). LOP varies but is around
4) With decent sights your rifle should shoot better than that.

Jim Peterson
Charlotte, NC
Jim Peterson

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