Model 14 - Dissassembly

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Re: Model 14 - Dissassembly

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If I'm understanding, one would have to remove both the threaded and plain bushings from the receiver, insert the take down screw thru the plain bushing whilst inserting the wedge (in the slot in the bushing) and then press (gently) the plain bushing (with the td screw and wedge) back into the receiver and finally press (again, gently) the threaded bushing into the other side of the receiver. Correct? Seems like the little wedge piece should look like a miniature woodruff key. Is the wedge piece available somewhere or does it need to be fabricated? Thanks in advance...
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Re: Model 14 - Dissassembly

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Hello everyone!

First of all, excuse me if I dug up this topic, but I couldn't find another place with better information about the Remington Model 14 1/2.

So, I got this rifle from my great grandfather. The rifle had been in storage for over 60 years, and of course it is rusted. What would you guys on the forum recommend as products and procedures for restoring this rifle?

In this case, I thought about starting with the removal of rust. I do not have access to Birchwood Casey products. I even immersed some pieces, such as the breech block, butt plate and screws in a phosphating solution. The pieces were then washed and I realized that after washing they quickly start to rust again.

The immersion in phosphate solution did not work very well with the breech block ... I thought about immersing the latter in vinegar. The local WD-40 store suggested using one of their products, liquid sandpaper, to remove irregularities in the metal of the breech block. Let's see what happens ... Do you happen to know what the metal alloy of the breech block is?

Then, with the parts clean and free of rust, I thought about cold-galvanizing the parts (except the breech block). By then the parts would be clean and galvanized. Finally, it would apply an external protection oil to extend the life of the protection.

What do you think? Can you recommend any suggestions? Thank you!
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Re: Model 14 - Dissassembly

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There are a number of videos on "youtube" showing rust removal on firearms.

They all involve various chemicals that I personally haven't tried but the results were impressive. All I can do is point you in that direction and give you my best regards. Rust is not a friend to this particular model rifle because of the tight machining tolerances, check out the videos and see if there is something in them that might apply to your situation.

Jim Peterson
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Jim Peterson
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