Model 121 Date of Birth

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Model 121 Date of Birth

Post by jackman » Wed Feb 01, 2006 11:42 am

I have a Model 121 with a serial number of 44,XXX. Can anyone help me identify the date of manufacture of this gun?

The gun is in 95% condition both wood and metal, and is all original. Is this a "collectable" gun that will appreciate in value or should I just treat it like a shooter?

Thanks for your help.

John Gyde
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Post by John Gyde » Wed Feb 01, 2006 12:19 pm


According to factory records, your M/121 was born in early 1941. Check the barrel code on the left side of the barrel just ahead of the receiver. Compare it to the listing on the Rem Soc homepage. Type Barrel Codes in the text box "Search RSA".

The M/121 has gained strength as a collectable. One in 95% will probably continue to gain in value. I would use it as a shooter and be careful to maintain it's condition. You won't hurt it by shooting it. Enjoy the M/121 since it is the best shooting pump 22 ever made by anybody. No prejudice on my end.........

John Gyde

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Re: Model 121 Date of Birth

Post by Model 725 700C Fan » Mon Aug 12, 2019 8:18 pm

Since this is on the same topic (I found the Remington Society of America by Googling "Date of manufacture by serial number of Remington 121), I own a fairly well-used Remington 121 with a Lyman 422 Expert scope with the serial number 476XX.

Since it's so close to the serial number 44XXX listed above, I'm assuming that my Model 121 was also made in 1941 as well.

Thanks in advance for your information and expertise. I own more than a dozen Remingtons from this Model 121 and a Model 141 35 Remington that I purchased from the legendary gunsmith Al Biesen to several Model 700s and a couple Model Sevens, including a Custom Shop Model Seven Mannlicher 257 Roberts. I love them all and none are for sale.

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