Split Breech disassembly

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Split Breech disassembly

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I finally screwed up the courage to figure out how to disassemble my split breech. If you ever wondered what they looked like inside, here are the major parts. I've seached for assembly/disassembly instructions, but found none, only parts breakdowns. These help, but it still took some headscratching to figure out how this mousetrap comes apart.

Not many people have seen one of these up close, much less disassembled. I thought some of you would be interested in seeing the innards.

It is clearly VERY different from the next generation rolling blocks. Note the mainspring at the front, under the barrel.

The screws look virtually untouched, I dont think it has ever been apart. But since I shoot it, I wanted to clean, inspect and lubricate it.

It is fun to learn what makes these things tick :)
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