Remington RB Ingersoll Life Line Gun 1890

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Remington RB Ingersoll Life Line Gun 1890

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This is a Remington RB Ingersoll Life Line Gun from around 1890. It is in working condition. Short barrel and the line attachment is there. It is heavy with solid steel or brass stock. Smoothbore and it is 44-40 designed to shoot the line with blanks. Serial number under the barrel is 15. Local family has this and wants me to sell it for them, it is not for sale here or now. Questions, Is it possible to date this gun as definitely pre-1899? And also is it legal to own this gun as it is whether pre 1899 or not? Have pictures, don't know how to post them.
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Re: Remington RB Ingersoll Life Line Gun 1890

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The Ingersoll Lifeline guns or his apparatus, were mostly antique vintage, as he patented his device in the 1880's. They were designed to be used with various "guns" that were early on adapted to used Remington Navy surplus rifles, and also Trapdoor Springfield surplus rifles. So the likelihood is that either was antique, regardless of which rifle was used.
Here's a very good treatise on Lifeline apparatus that includes a section on Ingersoll's patented device starting on P. 11, and covering the guns on P.13. If I was selling this gun I'd make an appointment with the local ATF office to get paperwork to confirm it's legality, as it will increase the gun's value now, and in the future. I'm sure it is indeed legal, but it makes buyers feel better to have the paper saying so.

https://americansocietyofarmscollectors ... g-Guns.pdf
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