Substitute or repro barrel band

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Substitute or repro barrel band

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Hello to the list,

I have a newly acquired New York contract 50-70 rifle. Decent condition overall with a glaring exception. The front barrel band with the sling swivel is an obvious kludged substitute from an unknown donor. Mr. Womack does not have that item in stock and it seems that even the more generic military contract parts are not readily available.

Does anyone know of a possible alternate part from another period rifle that might be suitable? The current replacement is both improperly snug and loose at the same time and I fear the damage it will cause to the wood after multiple rounds down range.

Oh yeah, I AM going to exercise this rifle. After a good once over I was forced, forced I tell you, :P to step out the back door and put a round into one of the hanging steel silhouette's in the back yard. Dead center solar plexus at 50 yards standing offhand. I am already in love.

Thanks in advance
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