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RB Conversion

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Hi There! New member from foreign shores - Norway, as a matter of fact. I just bought a RB initially chambered is 46 Long RF but at some point converted to a CF rifle in a caliber somewhere in the 45/70 range. Anyone out there with historical knowledge about when this process usually took place, and why it was rechambered so dramatically? Its a beautiful thing, 32" inch heavy octagonal barrel, fairly simple non adjustable iron sights. Might be an odd question, but if anyone could shed some light on this it would be appreciated. Best, Hf
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Re: RB Conversion

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Hi There,

Without pictures, it is not possible to identify your
rifle exactly. From the description, it sounds like one
of the rifles from Denmark, Sweden or Norway. The
Danes updated their rolling blocks to a smokeless center
fire cartridge in the late 1800's (I think it was 1896) and
lengthened the chamber to accommodate the new
ammunition. These conversions included new sights as

Sweden and Norway never officially adopted a center fire
version of their rifles but rifles that were sold to civilians
are usually found with center fire breach blocks so that
re-loadable center fire ammunition could be used.

The new Danish cartridge was designated the 11.7 x 51R mm
and is very close the the 45-70 is dimensions (but the Danes
used a .462" projectile and the case is slightly shorter than
the 45-70).

Good Luck!
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