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Another Newby

Post by CARTERDM » Tue May 07, 2019 5:09 am

Dear Folks,

I was just gifted a Remington rolling block rifle. I know absolutely nothing. Last patent date is 1874. No visible serial number. Number stamped in buttstock and close number on bayonet. Crowns on barrel bands. Tang says 'Remington's Ilion NY.'

Any clues to start? Where do I need to look for more identifying marks?

Thank you in advance for your help. I also received a C. G. Bonehill SxS shotgun. It was a good day.



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Re: Another Newby

Post by wlw-19958 » Thu May 09, 2019 9:00 pm

Hi There,

I'm sorry I didn't see your post earlier. I've been collecting
"rollers" for a couple of years now and I've specialized in
the military ones. There are several patterns made and
and some pictures would help in identifying it.

Is yours a military version or a civilian model? I am assuming
it is a military one because Remington didn't serialize them.

Of course, if it's a civilian model, it is possible the number was
worn away or removed during refinishing at sometime in the
past (or you are not looking in the right spot). I will leave the
identification of them to those here that specialize in them.

Anyway, post some pics and we'll do our best to help identify it.

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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