RB peep sight ?

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paul harm
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RB peep sight ?

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I recently bought a 43 Spanish military RB. My friend cut the barrel to about 26," thus removing the bayonet lug, and reshaped the forearm. He cut a dovetail for a front globe sight which I installed. The rear peep sight was bought from Brownells - their " Creedmore long range " sight. That was a mistake. My top tang angle to the bore is different than whatever their sight was intended for. The sight isn't perpendicular to the bore making the small hole hard to see through. Brownells also sells a Lyman peep sight intended for a RB, model 1, 2, and 5. What model is a military RB ? I didn't see a sight any other RB models offered. Do they all have the same angle ? I'd like to get something a little better, but hate waste 120$ if it wouldn't make a difference. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: RB peep sight ?

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Hi There,

The military RB's are #1's (except for the
1896 and later versions which are the #5's).
The difference between the #1's and the #5's
is the steel and heat treatment which was
different for the higher pressure smokeless
caliber rounds the #5's were chambered for.

Your 43 Spanish should be a #1.

Good Luck!
-Blue Chips-

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Re: RB peep sight ?

Post by marlinman93 »

Tangs are not always perfectly level for a tang sight, but you can fix this. The easy way is to use a pop can to cut shims from. They cut easily with scissors, and shimming under the side you want to raise to level the tang sight will cure any left-right windage issues. If the tang sight doesn't come up vertical when raised, ost tang sights have adjustment to correct this. Might need to remove it from the rifle to do so, but most will be adjustable.
What sight did you get from Brownell's? Do you have a part number or picture?

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