spanish rolling block scarf

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spanish rolling block scarf

Post by hopmanhenk » Mon May 28, 2018 5:42 am

As a british firearms collector I know next to nothing about rolling block rifles.
but some time ago I ran into a Spanish rolling block scarf/handkerchief.
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I was surprised by the similarity to the martini henry handkerchief.

is there any information available?
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Re: spanish rolling block scarf

Post by ehull » Mon May 28, 2018 8:06 pm

I know of no documentation that gives specific history on the “Remingthon” scarf, but the misspelling of the name and the depiction of the Spanish-made rifle indicate it is a Spanish government produced educational item. I have this and also have one in Swedish, designed by an identified Swedish officer. Apparently these were popular in the 1870-80 period.

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Re: spanish rolling block scarf

Post by hopmanhenk » Wed May 30, 2018 5:32 am

it's of Spanish origin for sure. mine has a Barcelona based printers mark on the edge.

I have all 3 British "fulton"handkerchiefs and even had the martini henry one reproduced for a shoot last year.
finding this one was the start to a new addiction/collection.I now want them all.

researching these handkerchiefs is a challenge..
the british ones have a patent and the patent is still available.
the French ones are also well documented.
but there are also Swedish, German, Austrian, Italian, Russian examples out there.

Ed, can you show a picture of the Swedish one?

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