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Re: Greek Models ?

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I agree that the caliber of the 15,000 "Grec" model rifles sent to France is .44, although I have seen no other documentation on the caliber. Remington did not ship any unique cartridge to go with the Greek Model. Remington did ship 6 million caliber .42 cartridges specifically for the "Rem'n Gun," and only 25,000 cartridges for Egyptian Model rifles--France ordered millions more from England. A French document (Puaud & Mery p.263) says the same cartridge was used in the Remington Spanish, Peabody and Berdan Russian I rifles--the .42 Russian will chamber in the .43 Spanish rifles.
It is my THEORY that Remington interrupted the manufacture of the Greek contract rifles and had the chambers made in .43 Egyptian before shipment to France. Most of the Greek Model were shipped in Feb-Mar, 1871, so they had not been completed in 1870. Documentation shows that some Greek Model rifles were already made in the original caliber--these later had the chamber bored out, a sleeve inserted (braised in place?) and were rechambered in .43 Spanish before delivery. Maybe France made a separate accounting of Greek Model rifles only because their price was different?
Can you send me a copy if the entire list, from which you pictured a small part? Or send me the link to the Internet location? The version in Puaud & Mery p.267 is hard to read.
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Re: Greek Models ?

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Did all of these Greek Remingtons have the Greek royal Crowns or did some not?
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