Model 51 .32ACP

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Re: Model 51 .32ACP

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Excellent! I love mine, too. a buddy just reblued/restored mine and it should be home by the end of the week. My wife and daughter love that gun because it has mild recoil and is very accurate and fits in the hand so well. I just picked up a Colt 1903 Hammerless that my buddy will also be rebluing and restoring for me, so I'll have to compare them. I've found a lot of useful information about the Model 51, so let me know if you need anything. I'm glad you kept the gun! I will not use any old gun for concealed carry, but they are fun to own and shoot at the range!
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Re: Model 51 .32ACP

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Banks.... I just reread this post..... I was wondering if you have tried a 1903 Colt Hammerless? My friend got me interested in them. They were the rage with prohibition gangsters and are a great feeling handgun. They have almost all the same features with great weight in hand and pocket. It has been a long standing rival with the 51 Remington as to the greatest feeling handgun. There were alot more of them manufactured and I have found them at auctions with great success. They were produced in .32 and .380 also. However opposite the 51 the .380 is the rarer caliber. Also last month I went to the Baltimore Antique Arms Show and found several parts guys there that had a drawer full of 51 parts. I even found some parts for my Remington Keene . Try the parts guys at a show that has the big sign NO MODERN HANDGUNS ALLOWED out front. I hit one guy hard for model 12 parts and Colt lightning 22 rifle parts.
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Re: Model 51 .32ACP

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The Model 51 is one of the finest pistols ever made, but parts are hard to come by. As for the research being done, here are answers to the above questions.
The researcher is a member of the RSA and a collector who has written another book on a particular Remington model. The info will be collated and put into a book about the M-51. The info will only be available in the book. Obviously, a copy of the book will be placed in the RSA archives. The info on the owners is only in case the researcher needs to contact the owner for further info, it will not be in the book unless the owner agrees to get a photo credit.

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Re: Model 51 .32ACP

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Thought I would chime in on this old thread. Those of you that think favorably of the 51 are correct to do so. It's a wonderful, and very interesting handgun.
The .380 is the most reliable, and I have, and will continue to use mine as a ccw when mode of dress requires a slim, low profile pistol. I am a longtime fan of the 51 as well as the 1903, and the 1911. My wife carries the 1903, and will not consider changing to a more modern piece. She's deadly accurate with it at close quarter distances. We shoot ball ammo in all our auto's except the S&W .380 Bodyguard of which I run Super Vel hollow points in. Failure to feed or fire is never an issue. These four pistols are all a joy to shoot, reliable, and very accurate. Fiocchi is my ball ammo of choice, because they seem to be just a little hotter than other offerings.
If the First World War had lasted a little longer; those of us that are diehard 1911 fans would probably be Remington model 53 .45 ACP fans instead. It was an up scaled, exposed hammer .45 caliber model 51 that aced the naval trials in 1919; but with the post war debt, and down scaling of the military, the contract was never made, and it and the 51 faded into history.
Mr. Banks, you may want to consider trading your .32 for a late model .380 version. They are essentially the same gun. Many parts are interchangeable, or can be made to work with only minor modification.
For the fellow that mentioned that there are a good many cops that have shot at bad guys multiple times, and not hit them is a rather silly statement, since the same can be said about the shooting population in general.
Good luck, and happy hunting to all
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Re: Model 51 .32ACP

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I have a Remington m51 originally purchased by my father. It is a 1923 or 24 man'f weapon. Have original certificate of purchase. Have fired it several times using modern 32ACP ammo (not +P). Great little gun.
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Re: Model 51 .32ACP

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lbanks :

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