Remington Smoot #2 With A Stuck Cylinder

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Remington Smoot #2 With A Stuck Cylinder

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I cant seem to get it out any ideas?
Im aware the ejector rod leader pushes forward towards the muzzle at half cock but it goes about an inch from the end and the cylinder refuses to come out. I want it out as im getting ready to install a recoil shield that im making from scratch.
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Re: Remington Smoot #2 With A Stuck Cylinder

Post by aardq »

Hi Nomad,

Welcome to the RSA forum.

First, does the cylinder turn freely? If not, that may be the problem. The ejector ring needs to move forward more than an inch, maybe 1 1/4". When the cylinder is free of the cylinder pin, it will almost fall out of the frame. The cylinders very easily get canted a few degrees, and that will keep it from coming out.

If the cylinder pin moves forward, it should be able to move all the way forward, if not, something may be blocking it. Maybe a little penetrating oil will loosen whatever is in there. You might be able to use a small piece of wood against the ring and [i]gently tap[/i] on it with another piece of wood, or something non-metallic like a screwdriver handle.

Good luck, and let us know how it turns out,
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