1908 "A Winning Hand"

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1908 "A Winning Hand"

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More on George Maxwell
https://www.remingtonsociety.org/forums ... =6&t=26314

and George Lyon
https://www.remingtonsociety.org/forums ... =7&t=26339
He also won the 1908 Eastern Handicap
https://digital.la84.org/digital/collec ... 000/rec/29

H.E. Buckwalter won the Penn. State Championship in 1909 also
https://digital.la84.org/digital/collec ... 307/rec/20

Rolla Heikes used a Remington Hammerless Double to defeat E.D. Fulford for the "E.C." Cup in January 1899 and won the Sportsmen's Association Championship Trophy in the trapshooting tournament held on the roof of the Madison Square Garden in March. He used a Parker at the 1900 GAH at Live Birds, then went back to his Remington to win the first Grand American at Clay Targets held at Interstate Park in New York City June 12-15, 1900.
He started using a Remington Autoloading Shotgun in 1905 and was 2nd High Professional at the 1906 GAH.

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