J.W. Akard Remington Professional

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J.W. Akard Remington Professional

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June 13, 1908 Sporting Life
https://digital.la84.org/digital/collec ... 869/rec/36

Noted Remington-U. M. C. Expert Demonstrator Holds Many Records.
In the past few years Mr. J. W. Akard, of Fair Play, Mo., has performed some wonderful shooting
feats, particularly in the line of long runs without a miss. In this line he stands at the top among the world's experts. On November 20, 1907, Mr. Akard established a new world's record for rifle shooters by breaking 15,000 clay targets without a miss, tossed in the air by himself. Mr. Akard did not break all of these targets at one time, but spread the performance over six days, taking up the run on each successive morning and working until he became tired. Shortly after Mr. Akard hit 1659 small marbles, which he also tossed in the air by himself. Some of the Champions whom Mr. Akard has displaced had an assistant do the tossing of the objects, but Mr.Akard undertook to do that part himself, which of course made the feat all the more difficult. Mr. Akard used a familiar kind of repeating rifle and U. M. C. .22 short cartridges.
His town is very proud of its wonderful trick shot, who until his engagement with the Union Metallic Cartridge Company and Remington Arms Company has been a quiet and unassuming farmer. He is now employed to demonstrate the remarkable shooting qualities of
Remington rifles and U. M. C. cartridges. He gives exhibitions in all parts of the United States, and
performs every feat possible to be executed with the rifle and shotgun. He also demonstrates the wonderful auto-loading system of the Remington Autoloading Rifle and Shotgun, which are made on the Browning patent and utilize the recoil to eject, cock and re-load, thus taking the "kick" from the shooter's shoulder.
Mr. Akard, about two years ago, challenged Colonel Bordeverry, who was touring the
country on the vaudeville stage and claimed the championship of the world. Colonel Bordeverry, however, never acknowledged the challenge, as Mr. Akard's ability as a Western shot had preceded his invasion of the East, where Colonel Bordeverry was then located.

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