Sept 14 1856 revolver

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Sept 14 1856 revolver

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Hi everyone....
I have a 2 line patent E. Remington sept 14, 1856 revolver. Serial number 26332. The serial # is only visible on the frame of the handle. The only other markings are a “J” on the underside of the brass trigger guard and 2 faint stamped “J” on each side of the walnut handle butt. Any history on it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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Re: Sept 14 1856 revolver

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Hi BG 28,

It appears that you have a New Model Army or Navy. If it’s 36 it’s a Navy Model, and was made in Feb. 1864. If it’s a 44, it’s an Army Model, was made in May of 1863The serial should also be on the underside of the barrel, and on the tab of the trigger guard.

The initials on the frame and trigger guard are inspector’s marks for a US government contract. There should also be a cartouche, an inspectors mark, on the bottom of the left grip, which is the inspector’s initials in a rectangular box. The grips may be replacements. There is no way to know the history of this gun

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