Please Help Find Family Heirloom - 1910's .22 caliber Octogan Barrel Rifle

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Please Help Find Family Heirloom - 1910's .22 caliber Octogan Barrel Rifle

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Hello everyone!

I am reaching out to you in hopes of pulling off one of those 'needle in a haystack' miracles, and any help, advice, contacts, or knowledge you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.

To preface, my Dad is one of the greatest people you will ever meet. Always putting others first, giving back, and working hard to make sure myself, my sister, and mom never wanted for anything growing up - The type of person that always goes the extra mile to make a stranger smile; everyday hero status.
He grew up in a big family of 6 in Georgia, and when he was 14 or so, his father (my grandfather) committed suicide, leaving my grandmother to single-handedly raise him, my 4 uncles and my aunt (she's was also a hero, but thats a story for another day.) I know it's a difficult topic for him, and we rarely speak about memories from that time with his father.

However, there is one story and memory that always seems to come back up, and I know it would absolutely mean the world to him to make that more than just a memory, which is where I'm hoping you could give me some advice on how to start this long and most likely impossible search into making that happen.

What I'm looking for is a Remington 22 rifle, a family heirloom, and through countless times I've heard the stories and a bit of prodding I have collected some information on the rifle that I'm looking for. Below details that I have:

Remington 22 Rifle
Octagon Barrel
Pump Action Reload
He mentioned a 'pop-up sight'
The Rifle had a plaque on the stock that read "Harry F. Douglas" (my great grandfather) and was a prize for winning a 1917 Turkey Shoot, somewhere in Georgia or Florida
Last seen in Florida around early 1970's

I know that it will be truly a miracle to find this gun after so much time, but I am going to give it my all to do so, because, well, he deserves it. If you have any ideas on collector forums, collectors/dealers in Florida or Southeastern region, or some insider networks, specific social media groups, or just any general advice on where to try looking I would be eternally grateful.

Happy to call you and speak more on the subject if that's easier. Really any feedback helps!

Thank you so much. hope to hear from you soon.
Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any specific information @
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