Remington Posters

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Remington Posters

Post by telluride »

I have recently purchased 2 sets of 4 posters. The 1st set is in a green folder that says they are repro's of early posters. The 2nd set is in a lighter green folder with the same statement, have better quality paper, and are marked on the back the year that they were originally published.

I believe the 'better' set, was done in '74. Wondering why other set is different paper and color folder, and no markings on back.

Also, recently purchased REM/UMC poster of older man, horse, 2 adult dogs, and pups. Can't find it anywhere.

Thanks for any help.
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Re: Remington Posters

Post by ChuckD »

I assume you are talking about the set with a hunter-1912, wolves-1909, bear-1907, and quale-1917.
This set was advertised in a 1978 Remington catalog. If they were made over a 4 year period, there probably were several printings, which could explain the variation in the color and paper.
This is my best guess
A photo of your other poster would be most helpful in identifying it.
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Re: Remington Posters

Post by Gordon »

The poster you mentioned I believe to be 1911-1914 poster of which there were two variations. I sold mine at auction several years ago.
Scan attached.Gordon
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