Banner Englishisms

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Banner Englishisms

Post by Scorpion8 »

Offhand, don't know if this has been mentioned before, but in the banner above it states "A Organization Dedicated..." whereas the proper use would be "An Organization Dedicated....". The manual of styles states: "Use a before words that start with a consonant sound and an before words that start with a vowel sound. Other letters can also be pronounced either way. Just remember it is the sound that governs whether you use a or an, not the actual first letter of the word."
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Re: Banner Englishisms

Post by stanforth »

You are absolutely correct. It should read... ' An Organization Dedicated to the study of Remington Firearms'.
Although being English I would spell 'Organization' with s rather than z.

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Re: Banner Englishisms

Post by lesb »

Well, I'm a new guy here, and should probably keep my mouth shut, but if I were redoing the banner, I would capitalize "study" as well.


Remington Society of America
An Organization Dedicated to the Study of Remington Firearms

Oxford's "A Dictionary of Modern English Usage" allows us considerable latitude in this matter, but I would argue that consistency would indicate the capitalization of "Dedicated" would require the correspondent capitalization of "Study".

But then, I am frequently wrong, so don't take this too much to heart.
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