new 28ga shells

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new 28ga shells

Post by paul harm » Sat Oct 29, 2016 2:09 pm

I run the shotgun venue at my club and a shooter showed me some of his reloads, at least what was left of them. They were colored light green 28ga Remington shells - not the STS's - and the shells were broke off right at the brass. The metal base was all that was left. The plastic had been shot down the barrel. These were only reloaded three or four times. The guy was shooting a O/U so he knew it was safe to shoot again. This happened five times in one round of 25. I thought if someone reading this knew someone at the Remington shell factory would maybe say something so there wouldn't be a problem latter. At my club Remingtons are probably reloaded more than any other shell - at least the 12ga is, and I'd hate to see them get a bad name over this.
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